This plaster planter is part of my collection of [almost] perfect words. Words that reflect my experiences, expressions that give meaning to moments lived by me, phrases that inspire or inspired me at certain point of my life, motivational quotes.

"I will survive" is not only a set of words repeated in difficult times, it also is a metaphor related to my "special" gift to let plants die. So the perfect combination of words for a vase, don't you think? ;)

This small vase is an excellent decorative piece to carry a succulent or cactus on a shelf in a living room. This pot can also be used to support clips, elastics, staples,... on the office desk. It is, without doubt, an excellent and original gift for both man or woman.

* stamps and candl holder not included
** succulent or cactus can be included depending on the version you choose
*** words are stamped in black

♥ all the pieces are created and handmade by me in a totally handcrafted and slow process ♥

Succulent vase "i will survive"

  • packaging: this vase will be wrapped in white tissue paper and in bubble wrap afterwards and then packed in a cardboard small box. A card with care instructions will be included.

    external height: 4.00cm
    innerheight: 3.00 cm
    outside diameter: 8.00 cm
    inside diameter: 5.50 cm
    all measurements are approximate (height may vary)


    material: plaster

    finishings: glossy and matte

    colours: main colour white | second colour black

    care instructions:
    • do not use this vase for other plant than cactus or succulents. this piece was designed for plants that need few or no water. i often “drown” my plants, this was the inspiration that led me to this little vase. so, do not water your plant[er] much.
    • do not wash it or put it under water.
    • do not drop it.

    cleaning tip: use a slightly damp cloth to gently clean the dust. Baby wipes are great for this.

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