Perfect words are to have with us all the time. They are what often bring the light to the grey days.

There are words that are part of my life, of my sweetest memories and days. These words were transformed into frizer magnets. To never forget what is really important, every day, all day. Keep them on your fridge door, on your office board, do not lose them from your sight, so you can smile, so you can remember that there are moments that make the journey worthy.

Set of four ceramic magnets. Each magnet has an engraved letter and all the letters together make the word "love".

custom word available on request ( please send me a message)

♥ all the pieces are designed and handmade by me in a totally handcrafted and slow process ♥

magnetic word: LOVE

SKU: 364215376135191
  • measures: 2.5 aprox. diameter

    materials: air dry clay and magnet at the back
    finishings: glossy

    colours: main colour white | second colour black
    package: the magnets will come in a glassine paper bag and sent in a cushioned envelope (unless shipped with other items).

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