This ornament has a special meaning to me. My home is my world. Here, in England, where I am now, or in the other "corner" of the planet. My house is my home, my nest, which I am transforming as my family needs.


Hanging ornaments are, nowadays, details that often inspire our daily lives, motivating us and making us smile. These hanging words were born from my taste for writing associated with my taste for festive times.

This decorative piece can find a prominent place on a wall of the living room, hanging from the handle of a cupboard, on the keyholder near the front door, on an old log or a plant.

A small note to make a better beginning of the day, remembering what's important, what we carry in our heart. The place from where we left off but where we always come back. The perfect place where we really feel in our own skin, our sweet home. ♥

This circular ceramic ornament has the words "home sweet home" engraved on one side, the other side is plain.

custom words available on request ( please send me a message)

* plant and stamps not included


♥ all items are designed and handmade by me in a totally handcrafted and slow process ♥

hanging words ornament: "home sweet home"

  • measures: 6 cm aprox. diameter


    finishings: glossy


    colours: main colour white | second colour black


    package: the ornament will come in a glassine paper bag and sent in a cushioned envelope (unless shipped with other items).

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